New Planet Blue animated film release date

Coming soon the entire cast of the rainforest, Frazzie, Blinky, Wizard and Toucan Petey go on a Journey to Eco. Guest starring Nikola Vucevic as himself and Mayor Buddy Dyer as Wizard the blue dart frog. All on- demand streaming platforms to watch the film will have links here on this website. Delayed release due to coronavirus...See you in June! 

Nikola Vucevic stars in the episode Journey to Eco!

Orlando Magic NBA All Star Nikola Vucevic stars in the Planet Blue episode Journey to Eco

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer as Wizard the Blue Dart Frog

“Being a part of the Planet Blue series as the voice of Wizard the Blue Dart Frog is a thrill, and the series aim to educate students about sustainability and the environment is extremely important for our future generations,” said Mayor Dyer.

Orlando Economic Partnership & Arrow Sky Media

Orlando-based digital technology firm, Arrow Sky Media, is launching a new television series this summer called "Planet Blue" that will inspire children to become stewards of the Earth. The show is a 3D animated television series with a mission to spread awareness to children about the importance of environmental sustainability and advocacy with an award-winning cast of writers and voice artists, including Orlando’s own Mayor Buddy Dyer as Wizard the Blue Dart Frog.

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