Make an Impact

The Earth and the Future Generations that will inherit it need our help now. Be a part of the movement to create the new, inspired media that will enable them to make a difference. Season One of Planet Blue features full length episodes that brings awareness to the importance of the Rainforests.

Arrow Sky Media is a Social Enterprise meaning we have both business goals and social goals. Our main purpose and mission as a social enterprise is to promote, encourage, and make social change for the betterment of the World. 

By aligning a Corporate or Individual impact based contribution, you will help build a Legacy for the Planet that brings awareness for change to our youth creating a full circle of Philanthropy and Sustainability. The Corporate sponsorship or Individual sponsorship in the Planet Blue Series will include your company name at the beginning and end of each episode as: Planet Blue was made possible by the following Corporation or Person.

Brand Licensing & Merchandising interest please visit our Development team page. 

Sponsorship Deck and Brand Licensing Deck available by request. 

 Our dedicated development team is always happy to answer any questions. 


About Arrow Sky Media

Arrow Sky Media creates world-class animated children’s entertainment, including the CG animated Series Planet Blue for television and live stage production for audiences around the World. The company has Emmy award winning creative talent, a strong and experienced management team and state of the art filmmaking technology and techniques. All of Arrow Sky Media’s productions are produced in 3D or 8K holograph animation. The company focuses on positive engaging programming for children of all ages with education and environmental awareness at the core of every show.


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