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Planet Blue Attraction concept rendering.jpg

Planet Blue
Theme Park Experience 

The beginning of the attraction on the second level is a 720 LED Sphere that showcases virtual world environments: the first year being the Rainforest, second the Oceans, third the African Safari, and fourth the Artic. This builds audience retention as they would revisit the attraction for new experiences.

After the 720 dome exhibit, the visitors journey through a Vortex LED tubing that gives the experience of traveling through Space and into a Rainforest, much like in the film Planet Blue: The Voyage.  

The main feature presentation of the attraction, visitors encounter the animated characters Planet Blue and Sunny Sun upclose in a holographic musion eyeliner technology type projection. The audience will be able to explore the inside of the Eco space station and watch a 20 minute virtual reality show looking out of the plexiglass walls. The animal and kid characters will be outfitted in space helmets as they join Planet Blue and Sunny Sun floating through the galaxy.  

Art direction - Mike Halsey 

Architectural Design - Victoria Lauren

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